What I see


You dig down into your soul to find places of comfort and peace.
You see some of the darkness in life but you often see the light in things that bring you a smile.




Looking for perfection?
You know that everything in life is not perfect.
You do not even look for perfect in anything anymore. You may have thought about perfection early in life when everything seemed to flow easier than it does now.

Meaningful times
Today you have to find things to do to keep you pleasantly amused; finding that meaningful times are not always easy to bring into your life, but you keep looking.
And I see you.
We are alike because we are  counting on yellow and golden butterflies to hover along our path so that we see beauty everywhere we go.


And I still believe in happiness; finding it in my daily walks, happy times with family and friends, and in you; people who make me smile when they enter a room.