Savoring moments

“Think back to a time in your life when everything was perfect. I was sitting on my steps at 28 years, watching my boys run around the yard with a tiny black dog, and then I fast forward to my girls in the yard hiding behind a large maple with a swing hanging down from a branch. One of them ran around the tree and swung effortlessly, singing and laughing,” said Dee with a smile.
You have them; those moments when everything stood still as you  sat peacefully loving life.
Where is your peaceful moment right now?
Are there more good times to draw upon, or are you unhappy and should be smiling?
If you are not smiling right now, you better get out of the house and fill your heart with some savoring moments.

How can you get it back to that place of peace and tranquil times with love in your heart and soul?

You have to practice.

Find ways right now that get you to that place of flow.

You can find those moments that make you smile, and  you are not struggling against anything.

Breathe and remember that life is good.