Find peace in blissful moments


Be soulful today; full of soft waves of energy that you send along to others. Find ways to help someone today; bringing a smile to someone who needs it.


What is it that your soul needs?
Do you need to feel spiritual and free from worry?
Take a look at soulful ways you can get in touch with life.
Take a long walk on a beach, feeling the sand between your toes.
Look at nature and its beautiful greens, yellows reds and blues.
Find that life is full of wonder.
Places in the heart center are comforting and blissful.

Remember that there may be some losses right now but their are also many reasons to be happy and content. Even in troubling times, there is always a reason to comfort another. You are not the only person with moments that have to be centered and balanced.

Be with others who lift you up instead of pushing  you down.

Find happiness in the most unusual places, internal happiness where you are in the center.