We lived by the beach that brought us to water wonders; crashing waves surrounded us


Do you recall your first memory?

Take a look at some good childhood memories that are close to your heart and see the wonders of recall.






Dee was about 5 years old sitting on her papa’s lap while he peeled a banana just for her. He said, “You are my treasure, a blessing from above,” and Dee smiled brightly as she heard her Nana clinging pots and pans in the kitchen, “Time for dinner, we are having macaroni and peas with fresh cheeses from Italy¬†with a bit of garlic and peppers to spice the soup up.” She smiled gently dressed in her favorite housedress all sprinkled like a flowering glow of colorful reds, yellows and greens along with her apron tied in a big bow as she returned to the kitchen.
Nana was always smiling and giggling until papa passed on to heaven. She was truly in love. And that memory of love and caring will be in Dee’s soul forever.

The next time Dee found herself feeling a bit unhappy, the scene of papa comes to mind.