Fun Colors

Reds, yellows, pinks and blues surround me



“I want to have fun before I die” said Gloria to Dee.
” I want the kind of fun with colorful moments that seems to last forever; finding its way deep into my heart where everything is like a colorful dream with softness and peace,” said Dee.





Wonderful times
“I find that just painting all day long brings up my sense of wonder; peacefully covering me with colors; deep purples and greens surround my mind’s eye and it seems like I am in meditation as peaceful waves of energy surround me when I paint,” said Timmy.

Describe your wonder
It is hard to describe the things that many of us crave. But I know that these persistent waves of pleasure help me get through the day.

“I find that when I create, the day ends with a peaceful balance of mindful waves of energy where I feel in touch with the clarity of my internal being, ” said Sasha with a smile.

Stay still today and think of your wonder; taking a moment to just breathe and enjoy the joy and bliss of life.