Gifts with meaning

You walked in peace, surrounded by spirit trees showing you the way






I have found that the most meaningful gifts are not material but soulful ways that you give of yourself to someone who is close to your heart. There may be others that you give to that are not as close but you know they need something soft in their lives so you give them a smile.



Remember that one flower that you gave someone when you were a child?

The yellow flower with the white petals falling off as you ran so very fast to give it to your mother.
And she smiled brightly as the flower grew dim but you wereĀ smiling and dancingĀ in a flow of bliss.


Meaningful gifts are the gift of friendship; having someone to give your love to on a day when the sun may not be shining enough or rain may be falling but you still decide together to take that walk without an umbrella.

As you smile at each other, you know that you can say anything to this person because there will never be judgement or unkindness.

Gift someone today with your soul.

Mindfully find a way to pass along a meaningful and kind energy about yourself, and that person will never forget what you have done for them.