Do you hear that?


In  wonder and gratefulness I will go today



“There it is again, said Gloria, a silence that I can feel deep down to my soul. It is a humming sound, or a slow song singing its way all through me. Can you feel it Dee? Is it in the soft sway of those trees that sing their way to the sky, or is it just the crinkling of the branches moving silently on this windy day?
“Yes, mom, said Dee, I always feel and hear it. It is inside of me when I think of you.

You can come to me in the middle of a storm where I am drenched with cold water pouring over me and then I feel this warmth, wrapped around me like a soft, gentle colorful blanket full of yellows, greens, reds and blues that you crocheted years ago. Any time I need a shoulder to cry on, you are there, holding the tissues at my side as I lay on your couch telling you of the past happenings that were not going well. And you love me well; like the commitment I had always wanted from others who did not have it in them to commit to me and my soul. They were there most of the time but wanted to be off with others who were not so deep.”
Some people look hard for shallow times where everything is an illusion.
I look for deep times, maybe  too deep for others who would rather live in a vision for the future instead of the reality of the way things unfold.