Be strong and flexible today and every day




Be happy today because days will pass you by in unhappiness and discontent if you do not learn to love life and what it brings to you.
Life is a blessing that is yours today and you areĀ finding ways to embrace the center of your soul where everything is soft and calm.





Love brings you strength
Love today and every day whatever it is that is before you; good and bad blend together to form a balance, keeping you straight down the road of contentment. There are so many things in life to be thankful for like that smile from a special friend, or that unexpected call from someone who cares about what is going on in your life today.
Don’t let special times pass you by because you are too busy concentrating on difficulties that you truly have no control of.

Spirit trees swaying and standing strong against cold winter days that seem to linger




Be flexible and strong; finding that there is someone that you can help to be a stronger person today.
Take some chances in life; challenges that will bring you to an awe moment.
Love deeper than you thought was possible and keep on loving no matter what.