Circle through life today, finding love

The most sincere word is love, and sometimes the word is thrown around like it is meaningless; loving everything, everyone and everything you do.







Make love meaningful by reserving it for the trueness of the most perfect love you do find. Do not resist falling in love, or be disappointed if you find it really was not what you were looking for.

Love comes to you  filled with loving moments that you have to find. You may mistaken love at first; finding that you like something very much but it is not love.

Love can be like a colorful  puzzle of blues, reds, greens and yellows that is very difficult to complete or an easy going float in a boat on a sunny summer day. Whatever love is to you, let it flow and grow as you reach for meaningful moments in your life.
Love is unconditionally yours in so very many situations.
It comes with soft waves of energy that is always positive in its movement.
And it grows stronger with much tending.
That is where many fail in love because the tending is the most difficult time. Love needs a friend who is there.
Love simmers slowly in some situations or crashes like great waves that seem unending. And this unending wave can be an everlasting love if cared for with kind words and soft touches; hugging often and gentle kisses.
This love applies to all.
Not only romantic love but the softness and kindness of loving friends and family.
Keep love close to your heart; never letting it to be swept up to the wind like  crisp scattering brown leaves that move in circles as you walk along your path.

Always be aware that everything becomes a fleeting moment, even love.

In life you will find that you must love strongly, unconditionally and with your entire being.