Fixing things


I want to walk on a sandy beach right now and  see my footsteps disappear behind me





Listen to your soul when it tells you something, even if you feel a bit broken and wanting to be fixed somehow.

It is okay to be like a puzzle with pieces missing. You are still whole and precious in your mind, body and soul.






The sun rises

You do not have to ever be perfect in life, save perfection for that beautiful sunrise you saw this morning or the perfect large snow flake as it settles down by your feet, disappearing into the ground. A  blackbird sees you as you pass by and it sings you a melody that keeps replaying in your mind, even now as you settle down to take a deep breath; knowing that you should feel grateful that you are here in this moment.
Your spirit is the only indicator you have of insightful living.
You have a heart center calling out to you; reminding  you to listen carefully and stop ignoring how you really feel about life right now.

If you continue to go against what you know is the direction you are supposed to be in, things will not improve for you. You are just kidding yourself if you stay where you are. You need to ride out the storm of life, finding that you were in the right direction but needed to make a few detours, especially related to something you have been resisting. Do not resist, find your place and move toward something that is good and helpful to you.

It may be a person who is helping you find your way, or something that you are developing such as a new skill that is needed for your continued success. Stop right now and find that place in your soul where you know for sure that you are where you need to be.

Take that new perspective that you are trying to develop and begin a successful journey in whatever you need to do.

Always be mindful of yourself and where you focus your time and plan your happiness.

After all the planning is complete, take that deep breath of life  you need  in order to stayed balanced in mind, body and soul.