Think of that walk you took at the beach last summer when the sun was shining and the rays warmed the sand beneath your toes


Even if you don’t feel like it, do something creative today.
Whatever it is, make it a special day because you did something that made you think about life.









Staying in a rut can drain you especially during the winter months when it is easier to just stay indoors, feeling sorry for yourself as the snow is filling your mind. It is just snow, it goes away in awhile, becoming a past memory as it moves toward spring and some warm and sunny times.
Make yourself get up, get dressed and play, even if it is just for a few moments of thoughts on creating a new perspective in life. You can change your mind about everything in life; becoming that person filled with happiness and love.
Find yourself as that soulful wave of energy passes through your body and you smile.
Wake up, do a few exercises; stretching your body as you stretch your mind to a place of lightness.

Meditate for a few moments, taking a deep and calming breath to allow yourself to settle down to a soft, new you.