My life

Spirit tree

My life is full of goodness. I have loving and caring people surrounding me and it feels good and solid. I am planted like a tree reaching down to touch the earth and reaching up to sway and flow through time.


I do not ask for anything more than what I have.

Life is so very abundant; giving me endless visions of love  and countless memories that will be with me forever.




When I become spirit, you will know and find me to be a soft blue wave of kindness at the water’s edge or a sweet red bird singing in the tree that you gaze at every day.


I am your creativity; thinking of me sway to and fro helps you to discover ways to make yourself feel good. You become like a spirit, free and timeless because time has no endings. Time surrounds you with a enveloping hug; embracing your soul as it moves from the past to the present and beyond where you do not know.

Free Spirit

Be free today; allowing a calm breath to come your way which will slow you down so that you can capture the moment you are in right now.

And when you touch that moment, save the softness for someone else who may need a kind word, soft touch and a long hug.