Back and forth

Circle through life today with ease, whether it is a good day or a not so good one


You feel like you are not in the center of things, and you may feel sad about the uneasiness of the day.

You try to complete your tasks for the day  but your center and balance may be off today.  It is a good thing that you realize that every day is not going to be great. Some days have ups and downs, some days are perfect. And of course, some days seem to have unending grief that brings about sadness that you may need to climb out of.




What do you do when you feel an imbalance?
“Just when I think that everything is going along smoothly, there is a rock in the road so big that I cannot get around it, said Dee, and I usually go straight through the center of my life, full force, unhampered by my unsuccessfulness at being able to get to the other side, or into the center where there is peace.”

Know that you will have days of imbalance where you feel difficult emotions such as sadness, anxiousness or loneliness. They are just there, and you can change your perspective at any time to move toward a peaceful and happy you.


It is not an easy path to bring about happiness in your life, sometimes it is easier to just go with the flow of unhappiness or sadness, but today, make an effort to climb up to the top of the hill; walking around that large boulder instead of straight through it. Tread softly on things today; taking a slow, deep breath to comfort yourself in troubling times because you need to remember that sad moments do pass along just as happy ones do.