My Happiness


My tree has many branches where I helped others, and now it is my turn for internal happy waves of energy




I spent so very much time helping others with happiness that I forgot about myself. My focus on others is a good thing but something tells me deep inside that it is time for me.

I know many people who feel the way I do; finding happiness through others’ perspective; holding close to the idea that it is a good thing to help others find their way.






What about you?

Are you older now and finding that people around you are leading their own lives happily but you are still struggling with the choices that you have made?

Are they really your own choices?

Some choices are not really your doing; someone in your life may be pushing you in one direction or the other.

When was the last time you did something that was truly your idea?

I have just begun to see that I do have many choices to lead myself toward but I continue to have trouble deciding where to begin.  “I begin with doing the one thing that I love the most, that is my artwork where I lose myself in meaningful waves of positive energy that gives me an internal bliss, said Dee with a smile. I will  continue on that path until it does not fit me.”

What do you love to do the most?

You can be happier if you give into what your desires in life are. Even if it means you need to make some changes, begin now.

Do it with speed and agility or do it slow and persistent, but begin to do something that truly makes you feel happy inside so that your soul feel good and loving.


Do not wait too long to include yourself in a happy, new way about you

Your internal soul is waiting for you to make some decisions about life. It is begging you to choose yourself this time; including a dynamically fun and happy moment that will change your perspective on internal joyfulness and hopefulness about the rest of your life.