Just when everything seemed good


You want to see the clear path to somewhere but maybe it just ends at the cliff of your life. Or maybe changing direction right now may help you find meaning in life




Just when everything in life seemed good and solid, you took a wrong step into somewhere else, and you said, “Maybe this is not a wrong step but the beginning of a progression into another area of my life.”








You may be evolving right now
If you think about it, everything that happens evolves with or without you. You seem to take a wrong turn but you end up somewhere that you always wanted to be. You may purposefully change your perspective in life to see things differently and you have to take that road you have been struggling not to take.
And if you had not changed direction maybe the sameness of what you are doing would have forced you to move on sooner or later.

Holding steadfast
” I feel that I hung on too long to a path in life that brought me much grief but I felt strongly that I had to stay, said Gloria to Dee as she thought about her life. And Dee, wanting to do the “right thing” all of the time, focused her quests through life on a perspective that she did not believe in but felt it was the direction others had thought she should take. Dee said, “Do what you feel will bring meaningful happenings into your life. Do not stay stagnant in the present where you may be hoping to embrace the outlook you have been trying to convert to. Move toward happiness in the things that you want out of life that will make you feel good.”