You took me there

Spirit trees swaying and standing strong against cold winter days that seem to linger


All of those memories linger in my mind of the many places you took me to.

There were physical places where we walked together through many a slippery and icy  hill, climbing high to the top. We looked down at the top of many a ridge, realizing that every day that we spent together was a good one.

There were soulful places with trees growing on the side of mountains; hanging there as if to say we are healthy and strong.

There were mindful places where we agreed and disagreed about many topics but settled on just agreeing to disagree.
You are the one with the smile so bright; lingering long after as I gaze into a dream, seeing you. The possibilities are endless as we search for new adventures in life; finding that right here in the moment is the place to be.
Those places were all inclusive; mind, body and soulful places that will always be there when comforting times are needed.
You were there in not so pleasant times in my life, placing a warm  hand on my shoulder, telling me to move on.
My only hope is that I have been there for you when you needed a hand; comforting you as you have for me.
Those places I speak on will be a part of my heart center throughout my life as a hopeful wave of energy when I need love and peaceful times.

You gave to me a new perspective on life that I will carry forever in my heart, mind and soul; gathering everything that I see in every step that I take, analyzing those moments, looking deeply into that painting, green hillside, lakeside colorful large rocks alongside pink and green worn glass; smiling because I know more than I used to know.