Cast some sunshine on a dreary day in reds, yellows and simmering greens


“I seem to do nothing quickly. I noticed that I have slowed down some in the past few years. It is funny how all of a sudden you notice a decline in doing some of the things you used to with ease. But easy does not always help you. You need to be challenged by some difficult tasks, even later in life when things are simmering down, ” said Gloria with a slight grin.


Dee replied, “I  know where I am right now, still able to fend for myself with some ease, but at times, I need help and ask for it.

Sometimes I need to ponder on just about everything I do and it gives me a sense of strength and balance; finding that the thought process brings me peace and a centered place to just be.”
Do you need to take some advice from others on some of the things that you used to do that seemed to be easier than they are right now?
Remember that things done in haste at any age can make anything a difficult task in life’s adventures.