After the storm

Allow life to be full of bright blues and greens


After the storms in life, begin to live again.

Notice things that you may have seen before, but now there is new detail where you can really see the light of day.



Heart Centered

The details are felt in your heart, as if you are holding on to the stem of a red rose; so beautiful but with thorns that need to be  watched for with care.

If you are pinched a bit by a rose thorn, it does not matter because you can touch and feel the beauty of this precious flower. It is soft and still; irresistible like happiness is, but wanting it and having it are very different feelings to behold.

Come out and play

Do not stay in darkness too long; spending wasted time on grief and loss that should be placed behind you. Carefully look at and feel what is inside of your spirit that will guide  and propel you forward from this day; finding newness in oldness and freshness in the voice of the trees swaying in your breeze of life.

Notice those blue flowers that have a tint of purple waves, flowing through you, giving you a needed warm hug of life.
Listen to the children with their playful and  naïve ways.

Smile broadly like you are a child again who does not have a care in the world as you walk today in the sunshine.