Dark days transform into sunshine


Picture in your mind’s eye a spring day and the sweet smell of pink blossoms



You can do it. You can bring what you need into your life. It may be difficult and you may have to work at it, but you can live life well every day. And on those sad days, lift yourself up with a deep breath that holds you for the moment, and smile.

It is harder to bring color into your life on a gray  and rainy day, but colorless days can be transformed by you.  You know how to do it; finding that new perspective that reaches deeply into your soul, letting you know that every single day that you take another breath is wonderful.

“I am going to have coffee with a dear friend today. I have not seen her in many years and today will be sunny no matter what,” said Gloria with a smile.
“And I will finish that painting that I have been working on that helps me find ways to bring on some color into my life. I will choose some greens and blues to make things warm and soft,” said Dee as she thought about what she needed to add to her painting to make it feel perfect and complete.

Transforming waves of energy
Transformations happen all the time, and some will say that they are miracles in disguise because all of a sudden there is sunshine on a cloudy day because you made it happen.

Change something in your life
Try something different today; filling your day with transforming and unfolding events that make things feel good and solid. You stand there with a friend by your side nodding in agreement as to how nice your new picture of life is and how you need to paint another one right away.

Life is a vision; pictures of you and how you go about your daily steps; loving every minute, even the ones that are not so good because you know that nothing lasts forever, and everything in life passes you by.

Cherish those good and bad days, even days that you feel out of sorts because they are all that you have.

You could wait until everything is perfect and your day turns out like one splendid moment after another, but why should you wait for that?

You have right now, this moment, whether it is good, bad or indifferent, it is yours to hold dear in your heart center.