Staying well

Dancing purples and yellows can help your mind, body and spirit to play; bringing about  balance in your day.


I take time each day to stay well; knowing that it is not an easy task. Nothing comes easy when it comes to being well in mind, body and spirit. You may have to work at it daily to bring about a balance to your life, and you may already know deep down where your imbalances are right now in this moment.



My focus each day is to bring about a balanced me.
I begin with a concentration on my mind.

Question number 1: My focus
How focused am I today?
Do I feel like doing something creative and interesting?
If not, I may push myself a little to visualize something I can do that may bring about mindful activities.
Question number 2: Body scanning
How is my body feeling?
Do I have some new aches and pains or am I feeling pretty well in my body. Stretching is the first thing I do about any minor aches and pains, and if my body is ready for some yoga, I do some early in the morning.

Question number 3: Spiritual and internal soulful ways

How does my heart feel today?
Am I ready to help myself or others to feel good internally today or do I need some work to create a positive flow in my being?
Spirituality is also a skill to develop daily through positive thoughts, feelings and soft being through stillness and meditative silence.
Reading some inspirational literature is just what I need on a snowy and very cold morning, and then my spirit can rise above to say hello to my body and mind.

Colorful waves

Bring some color into your life each day. Visualize smooth blues, greens, yellows and pinks to breathe in a balance, center and stillness each day.

Wear colorful clothing today to wake up your mind, body and spirit; finding that you feel so much better in the pink!