Old Souls

Old souls are like trees that grow very slowly, touching the earth with their beauty and grace


“I believe I am an old soul who has been around for many years.  I have been in touch with my inner self and I count on it for inspiration and insight. I know that soulful ways are developed as are many skills we learn in life. And I have learned many lessons that have brought me to a center of calmness and graceful movements like a swaying and crackling  branch on a strong, yet flexible tree that catches a warm summer breeze,” said Gloria as she gazed at the coldness of a winter day with its forceful winds that spray sparkles of icy whiteness, shimmering in the sunlight.


Lessons and aging
You learn to be more soulful as you age if you allow aging to come into your being; bringing an inner peace to you that you can feel deep inside your center like a warm blue flow of everlasting bliss.


You begin to slow down but it is an easy slowness that embraces your breath; bringing you a positive wave of energy as it encircles your entire being. And you find that aging is pleasant because you do not have to be anywhere but right where you are. Momentary stressful moments go away quickly now as you ponder on the next book you will read or write.

Soulfulness ease
Soulfulness comes in the form of stillness, where you can feel everything slowing down in a restful state of calmness and peaceful moments, one after another. If you practice this mindful way of life, you will realize that the only way to be is soft and still, no other way helps you in life.