Meaningful Traditions

This time of year we hold on tightly to traditions that make us stronger. We should hang on to this kind of harmony and love all year



“Mom had a tablecloth for every holiday; orange for the autumn times, reds for both Valentine’s Day and Christmas.


The fanciest and  most special cloths were there ones she carefully placed on the table  around the Christmas season where everything in the house had a red and green sparkle of positive energy,” said Dee with a smile.




Mom kept those holiday times special for us; ironing each crease out of the table cloths along with ironing each napkin that she set on the table, folding them into circular napkin holders that sparkled with gold and silver glee.”




“Every year mom would take us on a bus to the city where the windows were covered with snowflakes and dolls that danced to the music that you could hear as you walked down the street. After shopping she took us to a movie in a big theater with heavy red curtains lined with gold, and we would snuggle together to watch, giggle and enjoy the time spent with mom. I remember that the last movie we saw together was Mary Poppins, a musical that brought a smile to everyone in the theater.”

Special moments that stay with you

Having special people around you brings on the holiday spirit; gathering those who we have not seen in quite some time to a warm meal and meaningful conversation is just the thing to do on a cold winter evening.

Traditions can be built on meaningful happenings that you find; thoughtful moments that can help someone else such as inviting someone to dinner that may be alone for the holidays.

We all have our challenges in life, and finding ways to bring a softness to someone else’s life with some caring ways can also bring positive moments to our own life.

Acceptance and strength

Accept what is before you; bringing it to your heart center and have a peaceful and calming relationship with yourself right now that brings on a smile that you carry with you through the holidays.

Find strength in each step you take; knowing that things in life are not always perfect. Be thankful and grateful for what you do have right now in this meaningful moment.

Take care of yourself and others along your path today; comforting someone who may need a kind word and hug.