Mistaken Mysteries

Green moments


When you look back at things in life you may see them in a different way; finding good things about something that may have been not so good for you. Or you may find some pleasant moments in the past that gives you a smile.
Your circumstances change in life and you look at things differently as you grow older; finding that nothing is perfect and you would not want it that way.  You want loving and still times to settle down to a calmness of living life well.


“As I grow older I am more confident in my future; knowing that there may not be as much time left to be happy. I do not cling to past happenings that seem fuzzy at best. They may be faulty memories of something I see  more clearly or it may be as clear as day but not really the way it happened at all,’ said Dee on speaking about her past to Sasha and Katie.
“So what are we supposed to do about what may not be a true memory? said Sasha cautiously, Forget about the past and move on to what lies ahead?”

The present is right now…

“That is why everyone tells you to focus on the present,” said Dee.

There is only the here and now. Have some green moments where you look at things in a soft way; allowing yourself to breathe in the softness of your soul.

Have a caring moment for just yourself; filling a now moment with thoughts that are pleasant and loving. Allow for some mystery in your life. You do not know everything that will happen to you in the future and you may need to stop thinking too much about what is about to happen and just let go so that you can be happy and content.