When things unravel, they come back together in different waves of positive energy

When things unravel, they come back together in different waves of positive energy


“I thought I had carefully unraveled the blue ribbon to wrap a special gift but it kept coming apart like a recoiling moment where everything just moves, carrying with it moments in your mind where things come apart and you cannot stop them, ” said Gloria as she fumbled to rewind the ribbon.






Dee, Sasha and Katie giggled for a moment watching Gloria, knowing that she would soon release her struggle; coming back to her mild and loving ways.

“Unraveling can also be a good thing where you calm yourself down to a still point like you are floating on your back in warm waters and your buoyancy helps you to be balanced,” said Dee who always loved to walk along the beach just watching the stillness of blue waters on a warm summer day.

“But summer is over, bringing on cooler moments where you have to care for yourself carefully; moving away from the sunshine, into the shorter days of winter. Surviving the storms of life where you have to truly try to be positive in the dull times that seem to last too long,” said Sasha with a loving grin.

And as Katie listened carefully, she thought about all the special moments in the present where things unravel slowly and carefully, “I slow things down, sometimes to a snail’s pace, watching carefully to the sounds of silent floating Lilly pads with green and pink flowers poking through, where everything unfolds as it should.”

Unravel something today and let it recoil or carefully wind it back together so that you can see it twice. The unfolding may move too fast for you so bring it back to your soul so that you can carefully and lovingly look at it again.

Find moments of silence.

Live life remembering some things from the past that unravel in you mind; tucking them back into past moments that may have been good or not so good, but they just are.

Stay in the present, where every day is precious and meaningful.