Stay with it

Are you looking for something? Diving and soaring across the sky, finding yourself

Silence in stillness of comforting waters

Stick to your plan; the one thing in your life that propels you forward with motivation and momentum as your guide.

Be the person that you want to be; offering others guidance along with keeping yourself centered and balanced.




Do not give into the troubling world; the one where worry seems to flow into the quiet stillness that you have right now.
Be the flow that others find enriching; blues, reds and yellow hues of softness seem to explode from your being; drawing others on your path into an endless, all consuming wonder; where everything is kind and loving.

Stay in your direction, planted strongly into the ground;away from negativity today as you find yourself circling back to those who are on the same wave as you are.

There are people who are supportive of your plan of stillness, balance and harmony.

Continue to  help everyone you meet to find  peace and harmony as you drift down the blue river of life, being grateful and honored to help.


Circle back to a place that you may find you some answers; allowing you to find peace where there was once turmoil in you life.

You know how to be happy and you find the internal peace of happiness; places in the heart that can help you along with others touch today.