It’s all good

standing strong like a tree with your branches swaying in the wind

Standing strong like a tree with your branches swaying in the wind


Remember that it is all good, even those troubling times that you seem to pass through in slow motion.
With great speed the good things seem to move by you before you had a chance to be grateful.


When are you going to wake up and find that it is all good?
Even on those ugly days without a drop of orange and yellow sunshine, there is good news; you are here for one more day, counting your blessings.




Practice some yoga today and be thankful that you can find some stillness in your breath.

You stand there strongly centered and balanced but knowing that it takes a soulful watch of your inner being to keep you there in the pose of a tree.

Trees are so very strong, some reaching past the clouds, swaying softly as you do in Yoga Tree pose.

Promise yourself to balance, stay still and just breathe because that will help you gain internal strength to keep you still long enough to make decisions you are pondering on.

Your soul will thank you as it creates new openings into your internal being; finding spaces you did not know about that hold great stamina.