Softness of a rose


Softness of a red rose

Softness of a red rose

There are many ways to be.

You can be bold and loud; keeping others away from you.

You can try to be in the middle where you do not tell it all through your words and motions, but others know where you are within a few moments.

Or you can be as soft as a rose petal with its soft ways and strong stems that can prick your fingers with its thorns if you are not careful.
“I try to be soft and subtle, a place where people feel welcome to visit my inner being,” said Gloria.

People want to be around others who are soft, caring and loving.”

Dee thought about the softness of a red rose as each petal flowed with a silk-like touch.
And when you touch things in life, do it with the softness you touch a rose petal; caressing each petal.

If one petal falls off, pick it up and place it nearby to remind you to be as soft as you can be.

During your ups and downs of life, pick yourself up each time, even if you do touch more than the petals of a rose.

You are here on this earth to take on some challenges that may have a cost.

What else is there in life if you do not get stung by a bee or pricked by the thorns  of a rose so sturdy and strong and yet so soft and beautiful?