Soft changes approach

The tiny bits of autumn in its glory

Time for changes


As the cooler weather approaches bringing with it a smooth sort of freshness in the air, you can take a deep breath of cinnamon and clover as the leaves fall softly from the trees.



Each leaf drops, swinging and swaying to the ground, as individual as people; orange, yellow and green markings are so very different on each leaf as you pick one up and put it into your pocket.
As you look around in your mind and heart, you are filled with the softness of someone you just met who has that clarity of autumn at their heart center; bringing you a smile.
“Just when I thought I was settled into a groove; counting only on myself for self-love and balance, someone comes along to walk with me, ” said Dee softly as she walked to the beach on a windy day where everything blows into a circling center of leaves and sunshine.

And in your hair a piece of an orange leaf settles down to become part of your being for a  moment. And today you do not walk alone because someone is beside you; talking, walking and listening to the sounds you hear so clear.

As the changes come to the weather, you also have to make some changes; hanging on perhaps to something that may not be there or moving on in baby steps to a place that is new and exciting.