Emotional Needs

Let the blue times flow like tears down your cheeks

Let the blue times flow like tears down your cheeks


Do not ignore the emotional side of your life.
Emotions are there with the tears and laughter just for you to embrace.
Quick to tears, Dee always seemed to be running home to mommy and say in a broken, tearful breath, “Why do people make fun of me because I cry?” Do they  cry in their own way that is not expressed to another? Or do they just hide their feelings so that they do not have to talk about life?”
Gloria, Dee’s mom would explain, “Some people are better at hiding their feelings. But it is good to wear your emotions where others can see because they know that you are a true person.”

People who express themselves in an emotional way seem to be able to help others with their needs.

Those physical, even spiritual and intellectual selves seem easier to handle.

But the emotions stay tucked away and not expressed the way they should be. Some of us do not talk about spirit, and that is how we stay away from that one!

We know that intellect is an important part of a person who wants to socialize and work; knowing those things in the news or the latest movie and what it is about is a subtle skill needed for good conversation.
But speaking on your emotions seems to be the unspoken; leaving grief and loss for your counselor. And why do we do this?

Why do we tuck those emotional traumas deep inside of our being?
“I don’t tuck anything away,” said Dee to Gloria, and I am glad I can express my inner most feelings.”