Moving slow and still

Moving slow and still

Move in and out of yourself; swaying gently like a cloud passing you by.
You know that place that brings you comfort and love.


Sometimes there are others in your life who bring you the same comforting embraces and sometimes there are not.
It is exactly as if you cast that ripple yourself as you watch the shiny, black, flat stone you just skillfully tossed into the lake casting your eyes toward it, watching it forever making those circling effect that never ends because we are all connected as one in some way like the waves of a soft ripple moving its way to a center in you mind where everything is soft and still. Everything is warm and inviting because you make it happen.


You are the one who can dig deep inside yourself, giving your spirit a warm embrace, loving yourself first so that you can love others ever so lovingly with soft embraces, smiles and heart centered energy that you pass along.

And as Dee sat near the water’s edge on a cold and gray rock of time she knew that she could not stop what was happening anymore and the good news is that she did not want it to end. She wanted her softness and stillness to stay with her for the rest of her being even though she knew that everything does come to an end, sometimes even with pain and suffering, sometimes softly as a slight, warm breeze touches your right cheek ever so gently.

And  when it does end, you will remember once again that everything in life ends because of the balancing effects of life. We have the good, not so good and wonderful times surrounding us in every moment.

Dee would always say, “Stay in this moment, not the one back there in the past or the one you are thinking about in the future, the moment is now.”