Healing Softly

Markers along your trail of life

Markers along your trail of life

“I want to heal but it is taking so long for me to feel well again,” said Dee softly to Gloria.
Gloria always knew what to say to Dee to help her with the many struggles Dee had in life. Gloria would say, “Healing is like a soft white cloud, and it slowly lifts for you to peek through, and when you see crystal clear, you know that you are there in that spot of wellness.”




When you are finally there in the light…

People will begin to notice that your smile is back, and they will comment on that bouncy step that is appearing. They knew that you were going through something but they held back from telling you until now.

Now they tell you that you look so well and happy and they are glad that you are back to your old self.

And that special friend that never let go of you when you were in that dark cloud, is still there by your side, holding your hand tightly through it all.

You are not done with the trials and tribulations of life; knowing that this good time that is appearing will move toward some not so good times but you continue to think positively; riding the storms and basking in the glory of sunny days.

You balance yourself one more time; shoulders back; heading toward that next moment of challenging but loving times.