Many people find the simple things in life bring on a smile

Many people find that the simple things in life bring on a smile


Dee always wanted to be happy.  She thought it would just drop down from the sky, bringing her joy, love and laughter.






Dee seemed to think happiness was just going to come along some day soon, “I want to be smiling all the time, with happiness filling my entire being.”
Dee went through life surrounded by people who loved and cared for her. They knew that she had some internal sadness. You could see through those smiles to a place of darkness. “If only Dee would figure it out, that happiness comes from within,” said Gloria with a smile.
If you want to be happy, you need to begin with you.

Happiness fills your soul and this internal flow of positive energy must be constantly nurtured so that you stay happy. If too much sadness gets into your mind, body and soul, you need to keep on filling it up with some good thoughts, feelings and physical movement that brings on a good emotional bliss. Sing, dance, ride a bike, walk, treasure the time you have here in this moment.

Be mindful that you can change your thoughts to more positive ones.