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Peek through and see some awesome greens

Peek through and see some awesome greens

Did you ever see someone you have not seen in quite some time?

Never thinking that you would see each other again, but knowing that if you did, you would pick up where you left off.
And perhaps not romantically, but you both get a chance to look back.

It is like a magical event in your life because you feel like a kid again, riding your bike in the rain, not caring about anything much except for the lightning that is there.



The last time I rode my bike in the rain, I was about 10 years old, thinking that I would live forever. Today, riding my bike in the rain with an old friend seemed like a bad experience at first but it wasn’t; carefree we rode strong and centered.
And even through the weather was not on our side, we rode through it, knowing that it would have be easier to just stop and wait for the storm to pass.