Powerful Stay

Are you looking for something? Diving and soaring across the sky, finding yourself

Fly above your relationship for a moment and see it from a different perspective

Dee wondered why some couples stay together in life and some don’t.









She felt that commitment was an important quality of a good relationship but did not see many good examples.




Dee was not young any longer and felt that she only experienced the staying power of a good relationship once. That place where you just wanted to be with that person; giving gifts from the heart and soul.
“Why can’t I find this again. That feel good, do anything for you feeling of love?”
Even the examples of staying people were not very good. They stayed because of pensions, monies that would have to be split, homes with children. These seemed to be excuses of not making those changes that may be necessary at times in your life, or perhaps a time for re-kindling that relationship that you already have; finding that person again in mind, body and soul. You did marry them did you not?
There must have been something that you could have created in your partnership that gave you that powerful stay.


“I am not happy and I do not love you anymore,” is not a good reason to leave or stay in anger and frustration. If you are not happy, find ways to make yourself happy, no one else can do it for you.