Markers along your trail of life

Markers along your trail of life

Everything in life seems to be a circle back to a time in life filled with good and not so good memories; needing both good and bad to complete the circle.






You start out innocent, ready to be challenged in life.

Your life moves on to different aspects of living including work, family and loves in life.
And you wonder after life passes along, “What did I miss?”
Well, you did not miss anything because it will come up again with a strong feeling that points you in the right direction.

You do circle back to that innocence later in life when you begin to think about how precious life is and there may be only a decade or 2 left for you to meet those challenges and dreams.
Are you thinking that you need something challenging to do right now?
Don’t worry if you miss it this time- it will come back to you again in the circle of life but don’t wait too long!