Just Friends

No on wants to be alone so friends sometimes become too close

No on wants to be alone so friends sometimes become too close

Be careful when you become friends with the opposite sex, you do not want to make life difficult for others, especially if friends get too close


” I cannot be your friend Jason, ” said Dee. Friendships with the men in my life are not possible. We can be friendly but cannot get too close because for some reason friends become more than friends in my life.”


Friends and co-workers who are  together for many years begin   to  really know each other intimately; knowing a lot about their family, friends because of the proximity of work.
Dee always thought that friendships were difficult with men because of the fact that men and women bond in a different way but why not try friendship, and she did try over and over again with different people; finding that it could not happen for her. The men in her life all became closer than just friends.

And Jason of course would say, ” But we can just be friends, a man and woman can bond in a different way much like buddies do who go out together on occasion.”
But it was never possible for Dee because all men that she encountered wanted to be more than friends.
What is the lesson here?
That most men and women cannot be only friends.