Loss for words

Peek through and see some awesome greens

Peek through and see some awesome greens

Sometimes you see things in life and they are so very awesome that you are at a loss.

You do not know what to say or do because it is so overwhelming and you may stare for a moment at that beautiful sunset or you may linger longer with that special person and then you go back to the ordinary.


Are there any ordinary days, hours, minutes to just ride through, or is everything in lifeĀ a special moment?

Gloria thought that everything was a miracle; both good and bad happenings have their place in life. She would say, “Never take anything for granted because it will eventually go away with the sweeping of a warm breeze on a summer night. You might catch a glimpse of it or smell the sweetness of a red rose but everything changes its form; red roses whither and fine wine turns to vinegar.”
Believe that the moment you are in right now has its own special meaning. Do some meaningful things today that bring about a smile that passes in order for you to create another almost perfect moment.