Horses seem to dance and bounce their way along the path

HorsesĀ  dance and bounce their way along the path



What helps you to feel better when you are down?
What helps to settle you down when you are angry?
Listen to the birds, walk that mile and simmer yourself to an even, balanced person so that things in life become meaningful events one after another.


Always dance and bounce to the music, tapping your foot with a smile.
Always move, even if it is just for a few moments to walk down the block.
Sing a song of discontent or sing a song of love; making all songs good for the heart.
Love everyone you meet; giving them peace with a handshake or hug.


Cry sometimes because it is good for your soul, and purges some of those negative vibrations that you need to get rid of.

Cry for sadness, cry for good times too because tears are your windows; seeing clear down to your soul. Be grateful that you can cry.

Of course, if everything else fails seek a friend to confide in when and if you cannot dance!