Is something missing?

Seeing things from a different perspective

Seeing things from a different perspective

Dee thought that she had everything in life.
Loving family and friends were always there.



But there was something missing in her life; a soft touch, hug and warm embrace were few until she met Mike. She knew it was coming because she had been there before in life; knowing that falling in love was possible again but it scared Dee.

She did want love, not at the cost it took from her heart and soul because being crushed once again by lost loves was harder and harder to bounce back from.
And she knew that feeling like a missing peace of a puzzle was very painful but colorful at times, meeting new people and finding ways to fit into life alone. Always couples seemed to surround her life with people who invited her to join in but it did not feel right or good to be the 5th wheel.
“But happiness is an internal bliss, ” said Dee to herself every time she felt the need to love again. And I do love myself and the things that I do are special to me. I am grateful of how life is unfolding right now.”


The wonder of what it is like to love deeply again stays a dream in Dee’s life as she writes her daily prose.

And she knows that it is alright but painful to just stay in the same  spot in life, wandering around with other missing pieces of the puzzle.