Be still

Be still

Mari wanted to be peaceful but could not find a way to be still in her heart and soul. Always busy planning things that would never happen because no one knows what is to be in each moment.

Dee told Mari to stop for a moment, “Stay in the present Mari because that is all you have at any given moment. ”



Be still, even if only for a moment so that you can hear the whispers that tell you which way to go right now.

Listen to everything, even on silent days there are noisy birds and a rumble of thunder.

And what do these silent noises bring to you?

They bring you closer to your own truth. Closer to what you need; a slow breath and a meditative moment.
Be still today and listen to the whispers of your heart and soul.
Your heart tells you to listen to some of the logic of life but not all of it. A soft heart gathers many; finding souls to help.
And your soul tells it all; whispering to you the sounds of silent waves crashing forward and birds whispering their tunes of grace and gratitude.
Be alive today; finding a peaceful way to be alright with everything that comes before you.