In Plain Sight


Sunny flowers are never flawed. They are perfectly beautiful

Sally saw Johnny standing there, or at least she thought so. It had been a very long time ago since she last saw his shiny blue eyes, so she was not sure and as she turned the corner, the view was blocked and she said to herself, “I should have gone up to him and said hello. It had been such a long time, but the moment is gone and I will not know if it was him.”

Sally imagined all those times she had spent with Johnny but could not bring herself to see that it was him in plain sight.

You may or may not see  things clearly because you do not want to see what is before you, in this moment but do not miss out on some important happenings like meeting a long lost friend because you were not sure.


Taking some chances

We are never quite sure about anything in life and some of us take chances, while others do not.
Insight and gut feelings are important; they tell you something you may or may not want to hear because you want to move on in the same direction, knowing deep inside that you are going the wrong way.

When you have those gut feelings, what do you do about them?

I try my best to go with my feelings that simmer inside of me when I have to make a decision, especially important ones that may affect life and its path.


Insightful people may even tell you that you are going down the wrong road, letting you know how they feel about what you are doing.

When I see a friend that I have not seen in a long time, and they may look different, I just walk up to them without much of a thought and say,”hello, it has been a long time.”

And time passes on with missed opportunities and chances to reconnect with each other if we do not take that first step and go with the flow.