Lost and Found

Finding passion rowing in the ocean

Finding passion rowing in the ocean


“What are you looking for?” said Gloria as she spoke to Dee about what to do with life.

Dee who was a teenager at the time, felt that she had a long time to choose;  not that interested in making future plans that seemed too  far to reach. Surrounded by joyful moments in her present life;playing with life was fun. You do not have to make changes or choices when you are young, you can just let things be as they are.




And today, there is still a lost and found box in Dee’s mind; not quite sure about tomorrow and that is okay because today, right now is all there truly is; living in the moment can still be fun.






Passionate living

If you have not found your passion in life daily happenings, it may be time to choose where you want to be by testing out some new challenges. Many people have found passions that excite them again later in life.
When you find your way you will know it because that passionate wave of energy surrounds you and you know exactly where you are supposed to be