Embracing Alone Times

Filling your days with some good times

Filling your days with some good times

Gloria fought hard to get past the alone times in life to a place that was filled with life and love.


She had family to call on in times of need but it seemed that the times alone were longer, quiet times and noisy train whistle times in the warm air of summer where long walks did not cure the loneliness of time passing without much to do about it.





Gloria knew that life was filled with good and bad times, and alone times just were part of the puzzle that sometimes felt full and sometimes empty.

It happens to everyone
Alone times come upon you through death. divorce or just a feeling of loneliness amongst people who are with you all the time. Those people who do not contribute to you in any way because they have other lives that do not merge with your life due to their own doing or contributed to by you in perhaps a way that you do not know.  For whatever reason,  they leave you alone to fend for yourself throughout life.

And there is prayer and meditation that helps you to see that you are never quite alone because your spiritual part of you will tell you stories of past, present and future living that needs to be told. Your story of life that others enjoy hearing about through your voice. Your voice will be heard by many people in need of a push to see that their lonely times can be good times to embrace; filling their days with new challenges, taking new roads that lead to happy times in life.

You will find a way to just be okay, or perhaps even feel wonderful with your alone times that bring about pleasure to your day.

You finally will find a way to cope with the fact that everyone has some lonely times in life, filled with others around them or perhaps alone.

Whatever it is that you need to do to fill your mind, body and soul with, do it; helping others cope with lonely times, listening to a friend telling her story of not so good happenings, or helping a child learn how to read.

Embrace each moment as if it is your last breath on this earth.