Dee found herself by the beach once again but this time in a different location. She stopped with Jerry at a post down at the beach where a man with white hair and large teeth smiled and said, “They had a big contest of perch fishing and some guy caught 100 fish but no one knows where the lucky spot is.” He was referring to a place in the lake where no matter where you threw your fishing rod, a fish would instantly be caught.

Can you imagine, enough fish to feed many people, almost Biblical in a sense.

And where are you today? Fishing in a spot where there is a lot of luck, or down on your luck, not catching even one fish?

Sea Gulls seem to know where all the fish are

Sea Gulls  know where all the fish are


Finding joyful moments may seem difficult at times because you are not certain why those sad times come up again and again.






But do not stay there; that place that is dark and gloomy. Come out into the sunshine for a moment and you will see that you can stay there more often than you thought possible.
Yes, bad things do happen to good people but there has to be a balance in life.
You have to take the good with the bad, and when you finally reach the center, in a balance, you will feel whole again knowing that you have to cross both bridges; struggling to cross at times and other times feeling like is was a easy journey.