Climb those steps to the top of your wonder.

Climb those steps to the top of your wonder

Release yourself from the certain.
There is nothing in life that lasts forever. The good, mediocre and bad pass along the same way. They release and become your past. Why not make some good memories in your life that cause you to smile?

That quiet day with nothing to do or that busy day are just one more step in you life, some giving you answers and some not, but is it answers that you are looking for?





Taking chances
Even  the greatest of loving waves of energy can pass you by and you may not even know it because you had your head in the sand thinking about what can make you happy but never doing it.

Do the difficult things in life that bring on a smile
Take chances, love deeply and change something about yourself that is difficult to do.
Let go of your past mistakes because they are just lessons that get you ready for truly living life well in mind, body and spirit.

“Is it time to stop looking for answers in life and start living?” said Gloria as she sat sweep her steep of grass and weeds that had settled there. The  green grass was finely cut with stalky weeds running through it, with its clear fresh smell that runs through your being.

Is living taking a fast ride in a shiny blue sports car where you lift up you hands through the open top like you do not have a care in the world?

Or is living more predictable where you take just one more daily walk on the beach collecting colorful glass and taking pictures that you post on social media?

The ride in the car sounds like more fun.