“I thought it was going to be so very much fun when I retired. I was waiting for my husband to join me and then he decided to go his own way, leaving me alone to figure it out.”

Going fishing?

Going fishing?


After it is over, the long time spent at your career in life, there you are trying to figure things out just like you were a teenager trying to decide on a relationship, job or career, you just do not know what to do.



Dee stood by a neighbor talking about life after retirement. Many people say that they do not retire because they would die with nothing to do.

Dee and Jerry stood in his driveway reminiscing on how retirement was going!

Dee was very energetically talking about all the things she has done since retirement.

A long list of hobbies along with some energizing ways to move such as bike riding and power walking was talked about.
But it still does not fill in the alone time. “I thought that I would find enough things to do once I retired but aloneness sets in every single night and even during the day where there is no one around to talk to.”
Jerry who still had people around him voiced his opinion on what retirement really means to him, ” I feel like I am waiting for something. Not sure exactly what it is but my wife still works because she is younger and not ready for retirement.”

If you have a spouse or significant other who is not ready for retiring when you are, things may become difficult. Be aware that you need to have a plan on what to do.

Find some alone time things in life that keep you occupied while you wait for the paint to dry, or find someone else who is also retired to hang out with, and have some fun.