Broken Toys

Powerful times

Powerful times


When Sasha was a child she always brought her broken toys to her mother for fixing, “I know it may be too late to fix this dolly but mom, can you please try?”


Mom seemed to have the magic touch; stitching the colorful blue eye back into place on the cloth doll that had many years of wear. Sasha would be amazed at her mom’s ability to fix just about anything.


And when Sasha grew up she still came to mom for fixing; finding that mom was able to help fix just about anything in life by listening to Sasha’s problems.

When mom passed away almost 3 years ago, Sasha was lost; looking for someone who would listen to her stories without giving advice seemed to be an impossible task. No one but mom was able to be there for her; listening without making suggestions or comments on her difficulties.

Sasha decided that she needed to find a way to contact her mom. She found her singing in the trees and in the sky, flying above smoothly; dipping in and out of clouds and blue skies.

Those innocent ways were her mom’s way; silently helping without a lesson to tell. Sometimes that is all we need; still moments to allow the spirit inside of us to offer guidance and love.

Love yourself; find confidence in your internal spirit who shows you the way.