Colorful moments

Colorful and healing moments

Colorful and healing moments






You are beautiful; see inside of yourself all the beautiful colors of love.

You are perfect with all of your flaws, a helping person who is there for others.

Keep beautiful colors in your mind and soul; bringing you some internal bliss.

Reds, blues, pinks and yellows circle around you, telling you to be still; settling down in the moment with a peaceful and tranquil moment that is yours alone.
Sing your favorite song; allowing you breath to take you away on a journey through a mindful and loving moment.
Love everyone.

Do forgive others because forgiving is for you too.
Love deeply; internal soulful and loving waves of energy will surround you when you love with all of your heart.


Listen to your heart when making decisions; taking into consideration how you feel, not only what you think is best for you. Your soul will also be there, whispering to you the way to go; remembering that sometimes you will make mistakes and that is a good thing. With all the challenges of life, making mistakes can help you in life’s many adventures.


Believe in angels, believe in magic, believe that all the good things in life like a warm kiss, loving hug and smilesĀ  because all of these loving moments are yours to savor.

Remember that you are perfectly flawed like a puzzle with many pieces of love to put together slowly.