Soul Embrace

Angels embracing

Angels embracing


It is time to embrace your soul.

You know that place deep inside that calls out to you every so often; telling you to move on, let go and smile.






Your soul tells you things you may not want to hear such as “Find yourself in places of the heart where everything is soft and balanced.” And you say, “I cannot find myself, I am too busy to find time to embrace my soul.”
Then you hear this voice again, telling you softly, “We are one; allow for happiness and joy to come into our life.”
You know that you should be kind to yourself and let your spirit rise.

You know that  your mind, body and soul are connected to each other; motivating, strengthening and holding things together so that you can be grateful each and every day.
Find your soul
Soulful places are in your heart center; connecting you to yourself and others.
Find some soul mates; people who will guide you to places you have never been before. They walk with you in spirit.
Then give your soul a hug.