Where are you?

Where are you?


“I am here for you now because you were always there for me,” said Gloria in a soft whispering voice that rang clear in Dee’s heart. Gloria was always there, even in spirit, rising above she watches and loves everyone she touches.



“It is about me right now,” said Dee in a concerned voice, remembering the past and trying not to think too much about the future. “What would Gloria do if she were here with me?”
Decision-making seems tough in the younger years but as you age the difficulties continue on you way through life.
Be like the a stream, following the path of least resistance in a comfortable way riding past everything in life.

Or be like the great oceans with thundering waves that crash against your body, splashing, pushing and motivating you to move forward.


Let go of things; the anger needs to simmer along with the critical chatter you have about yourself and others. Find time right now to forgive yourself and forgive others. Right now in this moment is a healing time; finding happiness in the simple things like a long talk with a dear friend who you have not seen in quite some time.
Time is not on your side; you need to move on, taking nothing with you but yourself because in the end it is about You and only You.